Sidewalk Demonstration Cancelled;
Please still join us at the
Groundbreaking Ceremony
Here's Why...

www.gheca.orgDecember 9, 2016

Your advocacy already made a difference,
and we haven't even started!

The County heard about our plans to attend their event this weekend and call out Ike Leggett on not responding to the letter we sent over a month ago about the sidewalk. Now aware of our community's level of concern, the County has made good faith efforts to help with our request.

Since the demonstration is called off, all Good Hope Estates residents are encouraged to sign this online petition to keep the pressure on the County.

Meeting between GHECA and County Director

Earlier this week, when East County Regional Services Center Director Jewru Bandeh was informed of our concerns, he visited our neighborhood and saw for himself the children standing on the street waiting for the school bus and the lack of a place to walk when crossing the bridge.

He recognized that there is indeed a safety problem on Good Hope Road and invited me to meet with him to discuss. We met this past Wednesday to discuss the challenges and potential solutions.

During our meeting, I described the 27-year history of the sidewalks issue and offered several possible solutions to each of the challenges that MCDOT has brought up as reasons why they couldn't build the project. You can view a copy of GHECA's presentation here.

At the end of our meeting, noted that this sidewalk project is probably the most complex one that he has encountered, but that due to the history of our community's request and the degree of risk at the stream crossing, he would work with County Council staff to ensure our request got a fair hearing and that he would help identify solutions to improving pedestrian safety.

Reflections on How to Move Forward

One of the reasons I think we have a higher likelihood of success this time is that we have offered creative yet realistic counter-arguments to each of MCDOT's excuses. Jewru noted that while his office receives hundreds of complaints every year, only a few constituents bring constructive ideas to the table. Based on my meeting, I have faith that if we continue our advocacy with a positive attitude (as opposed to attempting to shame them for ignoring us), we can achieve better results.

There are many competing sidewalk requests throughout East County, so the next step for us is to show the County how important the sidewalk is for us. Please take a minute to sign our online petition to let our Councilmembers know that we demand safer streets for our children and we want to see a sidewalk!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please post them on the sidewalks discussion on Nextdoor so other neighbors can join the conversation. You can also contact me at gheca@gheca.org. GHECA's Roads & Safety Committee will be meeting in early 2017, please let me know if you are interested in joining!


Sign the Petition: Sidewalk on Good Hope Rd

Thanks to all of you that signed up to participate in the demonstration!

Hopefully you can still come out to the Groundbreaking Ceremony to celebrate the new Recreation Center!

More info about the New Good Hope Neighborhood Recreation Center...

Join us at the
Groundbreaking Ceremony

Sat, Dec 10, 12:30 pm
Good Hope Rec Center
14715 Good Hope Road

Learn more about the event and let your neighbors know you're attending by RSVP'ing on Nextdoor.

This project is a big win for East County and our community: the new facility will be twice the size of the old one and designed for a Silver rating of the US Green Building Council for New Construction. Click on the adjacent images to enlarge.

Along with the County's plans to build a new Nature Center at Maydale Park, we are starting to see some fantastic investments around our neighborhood!

Good Hope Rec Center: Site Plan
Click here to RSVP and see who else is going to the Groundbreaking Ceremony
Good Hope Rec Center: Rendering
Good Hope Rec Center: Floor Plan