Good Hope Estates is a quiet and peaceful community of approximately 650 homes between Cloverly, Spencerville, and Burtonsville, approximately 30 minutes from Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD.

Our community is located within the Upper Paint Branch Special Protection Area, one of Montgomery County's most treasured natural resources. About a third of the homes in our neighborhood are adjacent to parkland, and most homes are within a quarter mile of a playground.

What is a Civic Association?

A civic association is a non-partisan, non-denominational, and non-profit organization aimed at improving a neighborhood through volunteer work. Unlike a homeowners’ association (HOA), membership and dues are voluntary, and we do not enforce rules on homeowners. Civic associations also represent residents’ issues and concerns to local/state government to protect the interests of homeowners and renters.

Historical Events / Prior Accomplishments

  • Led successful petition campaign to persuade County Council to fund and re-open the Maydale Nature Center
  • Convinced Montgomery County Department of Transportation to resurface all our streets in 2016
  • Host annual community yard sale and 4th of July Parade
  • Negotiated group discount for trash collection service
  • Worked with the County to build playgrounds on Wembrough & Hopefield
  • Lobbied County and State to install traffic safety devices on neighborhood roads, including:
    • 4-way stop at Rainbow Dr & Good Hope Rd,
    • Safety island for left-hand turns at Good Hope Rd and MD-198, and
    • Sidewalk on Good Hope Rd.
  • Negotiated with developers to mitigate impacts of new construction
  • Collaborated with Parks Department (M-NCPPC) to protect and raise awareness of parkland


Executive Committee
  • President: Sebastian Smoot
  • Vice President: Paul Sciannella
  • Secretary: Lola Perantonakis
  • Treasurer: Tom Ashley
  • Webmaster: Bre Ung
Steering Committee:
  • Leo Buscher
  • Lisa Chatterjee
  • Ann Coffman
  • Chuck Halpin
  • David Huff
  • Claire Iseli
  • Dan Kugler
  • Laurece Laws
  • Ruth Satelmajer
  • Sheila Stewart

To contact a member of the board, please email the GHECA president at gheca@gheca.org. Later we will develop a secure contact form so that you can contact any boardmember directly.

Standing Committees

  • Membership Committee - Organize membership drives and maintain membership list.
  • Communication Committee - Maintain website and social media tools (Facebook and Nextdoor).
  • Parks and Zoning Committee - Oversee and collaborate with M-NCPPC Parks Department to ensure parkland and playgrounds are well-maintained. Monitor zoning updates of interest to the community such as new developments.
  • Roads and Safety Committee - Advocate MCDOT, SHA, and other transportation agencies to improve road quality and pedestrian safety.
  • Resident Services Committee - Negotiate group pricing for residents for services such as trash collection.
  • Events Planning Committee - Organize community events such as the annual yard sale and 4th of July Parade.

Ad-Hoc Committees

  • Maydale Committee - Advocate County Council and Parks Department for funding the revitalization of the Maydale Nature Center.
  • MD-198 Committee - Advocate SHA to consider safety and traffic improvements along MD-198 as part of their ongoing corridor improvements study.
  • Bylaws Committee - Review existing bylaws for opportunities to update to modernize terms.