Crime Reports

Crime reports on this website are provided from two sources: and Sometimes there is an incident that appears in one data source but not the other, so you should review both data sources.

Crime Data from

Below you will find a summary of recent police activity in Police Beat 4J1, which includes Good Hope Estates. The table below is updated automatically, courtesy of

For privacy, only the block numbers are listed--specific addresses are not provided in the police reports. The list may contain inaccuracies and is provided "as-is". Please read the terms and conditions below for more information.

For the original datasource, please visit Filter the data by "Beat = 4J1" and "PRA=385 or 386" to view police activity in our area.

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Please note that under IBR rules multiple offenses may appear as part of a single founded reported incident. Please note that these crime reports are based on preliminary information supplied to the Police Department by the reporting parties. Therefore, the crime data available on this web page may reflect:

  • Information not yet verified by further investigation 
  • Addresses that have been rounded may reflect law-enforcement sites that do not represent the incident location. 
  • Information that may include attempted and reported crime 
  • Preliminary crime classifications that may be changed at a later date based upon further investigation 
  • Information that may include mechanical or human error 
  • Arrest information [Note: all arrested persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law]

Crime Data from is a free commercial website owned by Motorola that provides crime data published from various government sources. The map below shows crime activity since November 2015.